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Owning a pet is one of the happiest feelings. Dogs are the most favored household pet. However, as much joy a dog brings into our lives, it is also a substantial financial commitment. From their food to home supplies (bed, leash, crate, toy, etc.), grooming, medical emergencies, veterinary care, vaccination, and many more. Therefore, considering having pet insurance is important.


Under the dog insurance scheme, it covers significant expenses such as veterinary expenses, hospitalization cover, accidental cover, surgery expenses, pre and post-surgery treatment, pet accident cover, long term care (in case of diagnoses with long term illness such as diabetes, glaucoma, epilepsy, etc.), and many more. 


Dog insurance helps the dog owners to eliminate the risk of high expenditure and help to protect the dog’s life in case of an emergency. In addition to this, some dog insurance plans also cover theft (in case the dog goes missing) and mortality benefits (in case the dog passes away due to an accident or illness).


Why does a dog owner need pet insurance?

With the covid-19 pandemic still around, the inflation rate is skyrocketing, taking care of a dog needs at least INR 70,000 to INR 1,00,000 annually (depending on their breed). Thus, having pet insurance offers a wide range of benefits such as:


  • Ensuring the best health of your dog by getting the best medical care.
  • Offers cover critical illnesses such as cardiac dysfunctions, cancer, coagulation disorders, kidney failure, leptospirosis, and distemper.
  • Other diseases cover pneumonia, vestibular disorder, hepatitis, liver dysfunction, and many more.
  • Offers long term diseases cover for diabetes, thyroid, ascites, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more
  • It covers accidents expenses, OPD, as well pre and post-surgery care costs. 
  • Generally, the sum assured for dog insurance can range from INR 10,000 to INR 30,000 depending on the dog’s breed and other factors.
  • The pet owner is also eligible to claim if the dog is stolen or goes missing a mortality benefit if the dog passes away. Some insurance companies also offer to cover the dog’s cremation or burial.


Final Takeaway

Depending upon the pet insurance company, one can buy insurance for their dogs aged between 3 months to 10 years, depending upon their breed, size, and the insurance premium category. However, certain things need to consider while purchasing the policy, any dental or cosmetic surgery will not be covered in the insurance. 



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