Insurance to protect a lot more than your home

Putting a lock on your house does not make it safe. Because unpredictable events and natural calamities do not come with a prior notice. Safeguard your space & its contents from accidental damages with home insurance. Get home insurance from Vibrant Insurance, one of the best broking firms in India, to protect your home, its content, your personal belongings and your memories in it. 

What does your Vibrant Home Insurance protect?

If ever your home gets damaged due to any uncertain calamity, the expenses for repair or renovation is covered in the home insurance. However, Vibrant insurance’s home insurance goes a bit beyond than the usual structure damage. It secures your personal belongings inside the house and covers the expenses for your temporary relocation.

If in case anything happens to the main structure of your home, you can easily avail a fixed amount for having a homeowner’s insurance.
Your loss of use
If in case your house gets totally damaged, and you need a place to stay until it is repaired, the cost borne for the temporary extra place is also covered in it.
Your liabilities
The insurance covers the property damage that you or your family members cause to other people. 

Benefits of home insurance with Vibrant Insurance

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