Contractor Plant & Machinery Insurance

PSince all the toughest jobs on any construction site are done by the equipment and tools, so any damage caused to these machinery can result in catastrophic loss. Therefore, contractor’s plant & machinery insurance are introduced in order to provide cover to the machinery and plants against any damage or physical loss.

Salient Features of Plant and Machinery Insurance:

Following are the key features of the Plant and Machinery Insurance:

• It is designed for covering loss or damage to various plants and machinery used on project sites.

• There is an option to cover only selected machinery under the policy.

Salient Features of Plant and Machinery Insurance:

Every civil or building contractor is highly dependent on the machinery or plant for work. Some of the contractors hire these machinery or plants whereas some have their own. However, any damage or loss to any machinery involved in construction can result in a heavy loss as these machines represent a huge amount of investment.

Having plant and machinery investment keeps the contractor relaxed as his/her machinery are protected against any loss or damage. Therefore, building contractors are always recommended to opt for plant and machinery insurance. Some of the benefits that contractor gets with this insurance policy are:

• Under this plan, most of the insurance providers broadly cover damage or loss incurred to the mobile constriction equipment like compressors, crane, bulldozer, excavators, etc. because of an accident arising due to external perils.

• A contractor’s plant & machinery insurance plan remains operative for all the items insured, whether these items are at work, being dismantled for overhauling or cleaning purposes, or are at rest.

• Provides complete coverage for both partial and total damage to machinery or equipment.

• Insurance is offered as per the current replacement value of the machinery.

What does it cover?

The Plant and Machinery Insurance covers the following:

• The plan broadly covers loss or damage to the contractor's construction mobile equipment, such as cranes, compressors, bulldozers and excavators due to an accident arising out of external perils.

• The cover is operative while the insured property is at work or at rest, or being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning or overhauling, or during subsequent re-erection.

Add on Covers

On payment of additional premium, you can opt for the following covers:

• Express freight

• Air freight

• Owner's surrounding property

• Clearance and removal of debris

• Additional custom duty

• Escalation

• Earthquake

• Third party liability

• Equipment mounted on floating vessel/craft

• Terrorism